Peer Support

The peer support programme enables service users to give and receive support in an environment that fosters openness largely due to understanding that comes from mutual experience, shared support and peer accountability. Peer support is particularly effective as it provides individuals with an insight into how others have achieved success and overcome barriers. The knowledge that other people in similar situations have achieved their goals is both inspiring and encouraging and can play a key role in the overall success of an individual’s treatment journey.

At DATUS we have a great deal of respect for other peer support style groups and agree that different models work for different people but recognise that we differ from them in some key ways. We do not ask you to identify with a ‘higher power’ and there are no ‘steps’ to work through, though the DATUS model is semi structured. DATUS peer support does not just happen on meeting days, the whole concept is built up around a support network in recovery and we encourage attendees to support one and another, where possible, outside of meeting times. All support sessions take place in a semi structured environment providing a safe framework for natural & free dialogue and everything discussed during the sessions remains confidential in line with DATUS policies.

DATUS provides a ‘’fill in the blanks’’ group framework, which provides a format for specifying the group’s: purpose; objective, outcomes and monitoring process; membership criteria; working agreement and ground rules. This framework is created by the peers themselves and clearly states the groups own rules. This document is updated and amended collectively by the group, after all it is their group and therefore should be there decision on how it is conducted. We strive for all groups to be facilitated by a natural peer volunteer or staff member is necessary.

Attendance at peer support groups will be recorded through a signing-in sheet. Signing-in sheets and outcome monitoring paperwork will be forwarded to DATUS to enable the group’s performance to be monitored and reported to commissioners. Please see the further pages for details of individual groups themselves.