At the core of who we are is the belief that that if you intend on benefiting a person that person should be as actively involved as possible in the construction of the support you offer them. We believe that the principal of, “no decision about me without me”, is in all, but a few and rare circumstances, the only acceptable approach.

We believe that in strategy discussions and planning of support or delivery of treatment systems there should be effective, genuinely independent and autonomous representation on equitable terms. Furthermore we believe that those representatives should be supported to consult as widely as possible within the target group for the intervention.

DATUS as an organisation was born out of supporting individuals whom suffer from or may suffer from substance misuse difficulties and had a consultation method and system established to ensure independent and autonomous involvement and consultation, the system is versatile and can be applied to almost any groups of capable individuals or set of circumstances. If you wish to know more please contact us directly.