The Advocacy service offers representation and support to any individual who is accessing Birmingham based drug treatment services, so as to better enable their abililty to enact recovery, additionally, if an individual is unhappy with an aspect of the service they have received and would like support in ensuring parity and that their rights have been upheld they should contact the Advocacy Service.

The advantage of having an advocate comes from the fact that they can bring specialist knowledge and experience to your case. At times it can be very intimidating for service users to challenge a service they are engaged with and or aquire an appropriate level of support. The aim of the advocacy service is to support individuals through this process and encourage service users to acheive the best they can.

At DATUS we understand that an advocacy case does not just end when a settlement has been reached or a goal achieved, often the issues surrounding the case may have led the service user to need additional support in their treatment journey and as such aftercare support is planned. DATUS has a clear protocol to support individuals during and after the advocacy procedure. This involves harm reduction advice, signposting to other relevant services, peer support at DATUS if desired and discussion and advice for their future treatment. We at DATUS also understand that just because an issue has been resolved does not mean that other issues may not arise in the future, we make it clear that our door is open should the client need any further support.

Initial contact should be made through the DATUS office number:

0121 523 4855

You will be asked to supply your contact details and a brief outline of the circumstances surrounding your need for an advocate. A decision will be made as to if your case can be taken up and in the event that it is, an advocate assigned. All cases are dealt with on a confidential basis, again, this is a peer-led service and all the people dealing with your case will have personal experience of issues connected with substance misuse.