DATUS stands out from the crowd because it is peer led and being peer led is a significant factor in our success at engaging with stigmatised groups. Being peer led means that the DATUS while still delivering a professional service will and does strive to ensure peers, representative from its core beneficiaries, are not only represented but active at board level and within the staff team.

At DATUS we believe that any individual, or communities, journey of recovery and movement through change should work hand in hand with the empowerment of the individual and communities themselves. How can an individual achieve real lasting change if they feel dislocated and detached from the mechanism that offer this change? Quite simply they can’t. DATUS believes that when individuals and communities feel in control of, and like stakeholders in, their own process of change they can start to realise a capital bank of resources that will suit they own needs and facilitate a stronger ownership and subsequent longevity of recovery.

Today DATUS continues to hold the contract awarded to it in 2008 and has since extended its work to cover several areas and multiple contracts, including: advocacy, peer support groups, text network, volunteer opportunities, mystery customer programme and an allotment project.