The myth exists that Governance is complicated and time consuming, yet in reality Governance is nothing more than a framework to describe the reporting, systems and processes we have that enable and oversee: delivering quality, managing risks, allowing innovation and providing assurance. DATUS has developed a proportional, protective and dynamic assurance framework appropriate to the size and delivery model of the organisation.

The operational lead has delegate responsibility for day-to day operating decisions and refers to a non executive board member as required. The operational lead is formally and regularly supervised by a board member and supported by a full suite of policies. The operational lead is responsible for ensuring that regular task based risk assessments across all areas of DATUS service delivery are completed, are up to date and are reviewed on a bi-annual basis. Further more all staff and volunteers are supervised, appropriately trained and work to a core set of policies that meet legal requirements.

At an organisational level DATUS manages the risk it is exposed to by reviewing key performance and compliance data and information through board meetings and as required. Within these meetings key financial, operational and legal risks are identified and systems (such as our policy framework or recruitment framework) are employed to mitigate these risks to the organisation or our beneficiaries.

Additionally in 2011 DATUS aims to further develop the board assurance framework and internal governance procedures in anticipation off, and a result from, increasing demand for our services.